Loan Products

Loan product
Fixed Rate Mortgage
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
Interest Only
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Interest Rate/payment fixed for the life of the loan
Interest Rate fixed for initial period, rate then becomes adjustable per the terms of the loan and market conditions
Initial term of interest only payments Additional payments towards principle can be made at any time
Government backed minimum down financing product with greater leeway as compared to conventional products
- Mortgage loan (fixed or adjustable) that is guarenteed by the U.S. Dept. of Veteran's Affairs

- Available to Veterans or their surviving spouse (provided they are not remarried)
-An adjustable credit line that is tied to the equity in your home

Equity can be drawn at closing or at your convenience over the life of the loan
There is a large selection of loan products that may also be available to you, we would be happy to walk you through them.
- Protected from rising rates/payments

- Ideal for borrowers staying in the home long term
- Lower initial rates

- Ideal for borrowers that plan to sell/refinance in the near future

- Ideal for investors looking to increase cash flow
Lower initial payments
As little as 3.5% down
- Financing with as little as 0% down

- Competative rates/products

- Assumable (to qualifying applicants)

- Great way to access the equity in your home

- Flexible and Convenient